It’s all in the presentation!

We can make an instant impression about somebody by just looking or listening to them, according to new research conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Isn’t it amazing what we can interpret from body language alone, without a word being spoken.  We can instantly see if somebody is happy, confident, friendly, worried or even scared from the way they look and act.  This has a direct influence on our reaction and potential engagement with that person.

So what happens when we cannot see the person and all there is between yourself and the other person is a telephone handset?  We can still instantly interpret their manner by their tone alone.  They may sound friendly and accommodating, perhaps excited and interested, or they may sound rushed, uninterested or bored.

You can spot this immediately!  Do they sound engaged and interested in what you have to say?  Do they sound in a bit of a rush and appear to not have much time?  Do they sound a bit grumpy or bored?  It’s amazing how you can instantly make that judgement.  Think about who is representing your business when the phone rings.  Are they presenting your company in the correct way?

As with visual clues, our voice and what we say is just as important when presenting ourselves.  A potential customer we can make an instant judgement on whether they want to use your company from a simple good morning or good afternoon.  If the company sounds uninterested or rushed and appears to have no time for our call, we may look for somebody else who we think will appreciate our business more.

A smile as you say hello really does work, try it!  When we are rushed or agitated we tend to speed up as we speak – this may make the caller feel on edge and put them off speaking further.  A friendly voice giving us the time we deserve will work much better for your business and create a lasting first impression.

If you use Auto Attendant (IVR) messages in your business, make sure they are as professional as possible.  Are they clear and easy to understand, are the options easy to follow, is the style of the voice over important for your business?  A young and vibrant voice may work for some businesses, however, a mature and more authoritative voice may work for another.  The quality of the recording is vitally important, background noise, echo and office people chatting is not ideal.  Make sure it’s clear of any additional clutter.

On Hold Marketing UK is a leading provider of telephone audio services and can help with the right style of voice over, recorded in sound-proof vocal booths to make sure it can sound the very best.  Audio can also be processed in a wide variety of specific file formats – at no extra cost.

Doesn’t your company deserve to sound the best from the first point of contact?


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