The UK’s Most Extensive Music Library

Our impressive music library contains thousands of music tracks which provide the perfect finishing touch for your on hold marketing production and telephone audio.  Our music tracks are all Royalty Free and Licence Paid which means that they are exempt from annual music licence or renewal fees.  You don’t need to have a PRS or PPL telephone music licence to use our recordings.

With so many tracks to choose from, we’ve listed here some of our current favourites for you to listen to – but we’ve plenty more suggestions if nothing takes your fancy.  We can  also arrange  bespoke compositions if required.

Way To Success Winners Smile Ready To Fly Dance Elevation Onward Journey Optimistic Keys Permun New Corporations Prestige Design Quiet Solitude
Roadtrip USA Successful Revolution Top Of The World Guitar Finale Upstream Virgo New Dawn Keeping The Dream Alive Energy Save