The most innovative and cost-effective marketing opportunity available in 2021!

On Hold Marketing really works!  It provides a fantastic marketing opportunity to promote your company and services to a perfectly qualified audience – your customers.

We offer the UK’s most flexible on hold messaging services – with no long term contracts.  Simply choose our “one off” production – or an update package which gives you flexibility to update your recordings as and when you need to.

On Hold Marketing UK is part of Reactive Audio Audio & Video Productions, one of the UK’s longest-established telephone audio suppliers.  Our clients include motor dealerships, such as Fords of Winsford – hotel groups, including Radisson BLU – many of the UK’s banks and world-brands such as Chelsea Football Club.

Our professional script writers, with the help of premier-league voice talent from the world of radio and television will ensure that your business sounds modern and professional – and for much less than you think..


Discover On Hold Marketing

On hold marketing creates a positive customer experience

With 80% of business calls placed on hold or transferred between departments - and with an average hold time of 30 seconds, even a business handling only a few calls per day will generate considerable hold time each year. Make this hold time positive for your caller - and for your business!  Use this valuable platform to advertise your products and services - forthcoming events and current special offers to a qualified audience.
  • Gives your business a professional image
  • Greatly improves the customer experience
  • Reduces caller abandonment
  • Generates extra interest and sales

How Does Your Business Sound?

According to recent research conducted on behalf of P.R.S. (Performing Rights Society) it was discovered that:

Callers who were exposed to music and information on hold stayed on the line 20% longer than callers who heard nothing when placed on hold.

On hold audio can be used to commercial benefit by projecting corporate style and values and improves the customer experience. Callers related a positive image of the company and made direct enquiries based on the on hold recording.

Choose our one-off production if your business doesn't regularly promote new products, offers or events. But don't worry - if you find that you need to change your messages at a later date, it's not a problem. Within 12 months of purchase, any of your messages can be changed, or new messages added for a nominal cost - or you can easily upgrade to one of our update packages.

If your business is within the retail, hospitality, travel or entertainment sectors, you'll probably find that one of our 12 month update packages offers more flexibility and cost savings.

One-off recording:  Our one-time purchase recording features up to 10 individual messages narrated by a combination of male and female voice artists and mixed with a music backing track. This recording comes with a lifetime music licence, so once purchased there's nothing more to pay. No updates are included, however we can edit out or add additional messages within the first 12 months of purchase for a nominal cost.

2 recordings per year:  The ideal package if you don't regularly change your marketing activity but want to keep your recordings sounding fresh and current.

4 recordings per year:  Our most popular package includes 4 recordings over a 12 month period. Ideal if you have seasonal promotions, events and offers.

Unlimited:  Our most flexible package includes updates as and when you need them over a 12 month period, for one set cost.  Ideal if you have regular monthly events, promotions and product launches.

We can tailor a production package to suit you! Remember, with us there are no set up charges, long-term contracts or on-going fees to worry about.

Call us on 01925 232050 or Send us a message today for a quotation with no obligation.

If you have a modern digital, computer-based or virtual telephone system, you'll probably be able to simply upload your telephone audio files to your system, without the need of an external playback device.

But if your system is a little older or analogue, you'll probably need to purchase a small playback device to connect to the MOH port on your system.

Don't worry, the technology is fairly inexpensive - and in most cases, just plugs and plays without the need of an engineer visit.

We will be pleased to supply you with one of our recommended audio players, complete with 12 month warranty.

In essence, there are two types of playback device.  The first (shown above) is a simple telecoms-grade MP3 player which plays the audio stored on a standard USB stick.   When we send you a new recording, you simply drag and drop the audio to the USB stick.   The other type of device (shown below) connects to your internet network and allows us to update your recordings remotely.

  • Auto start on power-up
  • Compatible with USB and SD Cards
  • USB stick with 124mb storage
  • Volume Control
  • Blue LED for single-track play
  • Red LED for multi-track play
  • Wall mountable
  • Speaker test button
  • Stereo Plug connecting cable
  • CE & RoHs Approved
You do not need to purchase equipment from us to take advantage of our services.  In fact, if you already have a playback device connected to your phone system - we'll simply format your recordings to work with your existing equipment!

We provide audio for a wide range of businesses

Is my phone system compatible?

The majority of modern business telephone systems are completely compatible.  You'll either need to connect a music on hold player to the "MOH" port on your system - or upload a data file via a computer interface.  We'll process your finished audio in the format required for your phone system.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

If you don't currently have music on hold - or if you are not able to upload a file via a computer interface, you'll probably need to purchase some sort of playback device.  We no longer supply equipment, but can recommend a telecoms specific mp3 player which costs around £69.

What is the ordering process?

Getting up and running is a quick and easy process.  All we need are some bullet points about your business - and any promotions or special messages that you'd like to include on your script.  Our script writer will then work on a draft script and will send it to you for approval.  You are welcome to change or add to the script prior to approval.  Once you are happy with the script, we'll produce the audio and will have it over to you, along with your music licence very quickly.  You can be up and running in as little as 5 working days!

Have a listen to On Hold Marketing examples by industry sector

On Hold Marketing Explained

On Hold Marketing is a service used by businesses of all sizes to deliver information to their callers whilst on hold or when being transferred between departments.  Also known as Audio Marketing, On Hold Messaging or Messages and Music on Hold, Marketing Week have said it’s one of the the most innovative effective forms of marketing today.

In 2011, a survey conducted by ICM of more than 2000 UK-based companies found that 70% of calls were placed on hold or transferred between colleagues and 68% of these calls were on hold for more than one minute.  More specifically, the research also highlighted that 73% of the people surveyed indicated that they prefer to hear something other than silence or tones while on hold.

Hold or transfer time adds up to many hours of valuable marketing time each year – even for a small business handling just a few calls a day. 


If callers prefer to hear “something” – why don’t I just play one of my CD’s / the radio through my phone system?

If you play a commercially-available music CD through your phone system, you legally require a yearly PRS for Music licence under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 which in most cases, costs far more than our standard “one off” one-time purchase production.  Failure to obtain this licence will result in civil action against you for copyright infringement and  you’ll be liable to pay damages and costs of potentially, thousands of pounds.

It is also illegal in the UK to re-broadcast commercial or public radio (even a speech-based radio such as 5 Live) through your telephone system.

In any case – how could playing commercial music be of benefit to your business?  With no professional voice artist to announce your company name, website address, offers or promotions there is no benefit!  Also, just because you like listening to Robbie Williams or Adele, it doesn’t mean your callers do!

Bespoke audio for your business

With On Hold Marketing UK, you can have professionally narrated messages mixed with background music – which is totally licence free, forever!  The majority of our customers taking our “one off” one-time purchase production will use this for an average of 2 years, meaning our service costs less than 70 pence per day!


Ready to find out more?  Why not call us today on 01925 984044 or send us a message.